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TARMS Pakistan: Our notable accomplishment

Our notable accomplishment:

  • Managing haulage of hydrocarbon safety issues
  • Trained 13,000 people during 1100 HSE Training Sessions in MOL till 30-April, 2020
  • Road Risk Assessment from Makori Central Process Facility (CPF) to National Refinery, Karachi (1400 km)
  • Road Risk Assessment from Makori Central Process Facility (CPF) to KCDF ,Khaur (270KM)
  • Road Risk Assessment from Makori Central Process Facility (CPF) to Attock Refinery Ltd (375KM)
  • Accident Investigation, by using  DNV SCAT
  • Qualitative Risk Assessment (QRA) of industrial process of Tetra Pak (> 900 activities were analyzed)
  • Legal Compliance Register for Pakistan Tobacco Co. (PTC)
  • Legal Compliance Register for Phillip & Morrison, PMKL
  • Guest speaker for DWE training institute
  • Internationally acceptable and accredited trainings in lowest possible prices in Pakistan
  • ILO – Certified Trainer
  • Qualitative Risk Assess – Polyclinic Hospital, Islamabad.  A project of ILO (HealthWise)

TARMS Pakistan

Welcome to TARMS Pakistan

We are Occupational Safety experts established in 2012, Headquartered in Islamabad for the purpose of developing skills, knowledge and competency among the workforce especially in the Oil and Gas industry.

We envision a quality and service culture that enables us to exceed customer expectation, actively involve and empower all our instructors in the continuous improvement process, and enhance profitable growth and good impact on educating masses to manage risks more safely.
Our mission is to ensure that quality of training remain our top priority. Our purpose as an organization is helping support the health, well-being, and safety of both people — planet, community, and business organizations in general.